School Cleaning at Atom Cleaners is a progressive company that stands out from competitors due to our high standards of cleaning. We are dedicated to and pay attention to detail in every aspect of our school cleaning chores.

Educational cleaning presents a number of challenges, in part because sanitation and cleanliness are not top of mind for most students, who are rightfully more focused on their lessons than they are on the cleanliness of their school.

Our goal when cleaning an educational facility is not only to create an impeccably clean learning environment but, more importantly, to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria in a very high-traffic environment.

The places in schools that harbor the most germs are a bit surprising. Bathrooms, for example, are not necessarily a hotbed for germs because they are more regularly cleaned, while cafeteria trays and desktops are much more likely to be a place for significant germ transfer.

Atom Cleaners can work with your educational facility to keep these areas as clean as possible to keep your staff and students happy and healthy so they can attend work and school without missing a lesson.

Important Educational Cleaning Concerns

Cleaning a school or educational facility isn’t just about providing a great-looking learning space. A clean educational space promotes a happy, healthy learning environment with improved attendance records. And by working with the right cleaning company, you can save money in the process.

Atom Cleaners Educational cleaning

The cost of cleaning and maintenance is a major concern for many educational facilities. Hiring a full, in-house team is expensive and hard to manage on your own. There are hiring and training costs to contend with, plus the cost of paying competitive rates to maintain a staff, buying and maintaining cleaning equipment, and supplying cleaning products.

With our efficient services, Atom Cleaners will help reduce your costs while maintaining or even improving the quality of service you receive. Included in our program are pre-scheduled floor-care services to ensure periodic services are scheduled in advance for optimum appearance and asset preservation. We’ll work hard to extend the life of your school’s floors so you spend less money repairing and replacing them.

Inclusive Cleaning and Janitorial Services for Schools

Thorough cleaning for the health and wellness of your teachers and students is an intensive process. We’ll care for your educational facility from floor to ceiling to ensure that every surface looks great and isn’t contributing to the spread of illness in your school.

Our school janitorial services are comprehensive and include tasks like:

  • General cleaning for entranceways, hallways, classrooms, playrooms, the cafeteria, the library, offices, break rooms, the auditorium, and gymnasium and physical activity rooms.
  • Chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning.
  • Regular floor maintenance for hard floors and carpets.
  • Hardwood floor maintenance.
  • Stripping, waxing, and buffing floors.
  • Shampooing and spot treating carpets.
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all restroom surfaces.
  • Restocking of all restroom supplies.
  • Green cleaning practices.
  • Mopping, cleaning, and dusting of hard-to-reach areas.
  • Special event cleanup.

School Cleaning In Midlands We also take pride in our attention to all the little cleaning details that add up to make a big difference. Our services will include dusting all flat surfaces like the windowsills, baseboards, kickboards, and under the counters. We’ll also remove cobwebs and wipe down all the high-touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, and student desks, and we’ll sanitize telephones and wipe down cabinets, countertops, and appliances.